The benefits of participating in this masterminding group.

Aspire - “To long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value”

Professionals often work by themselves, and don’t benefit from the valuable interaction that people part of organisations enjoy.

From the powerful concept of masterminding, specialists can benefit from other specialists.

Masterminding has been described as the synergy of individual cells of a battery coming together to create a greater output than the sum of the all the combined cells.

In a focused structure we can benefit from the contribution of others, and from the opportunity of contributing ourselves to others.

In this positive and empowering environment, members of The Aspire Coaching Group can select interesting topics, themes, books or articles to discuss and open up to develop further.

There is also the additional benefit of a locally focused network having local knowledge of resources and opportunities to share.

These optional events take place via Zoom meetings at 6pm for 40 minutes on the second Monday of each month.

There will also be the occasional local physical meetings will take place to enable you to meet people personally.

Next Meeting - An in depth look at logo design

Joining David will be Mark Vallance of Frankman who will be sharing the work that goes into a logo design. Mark will take us through the process of the logo design for Aspire Coaching Group.
14th June 6pm
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Members Testimonials

Aspire Coaching group is a fantastic group of inspirational people, already it has opened up many opportunities for us.
Aspire Coaching Group FRANKMAN ICON
Mark Vallance & Maggie Taylor
This group is inspirational - I'm continually picking up new ideas to increase my impact on clients.
Aspire Coaching Group David Collins
David Collins
Business Life Planning

Supply your details for inclusion in the directory of The Aspire Coaching Group so potential clients can find you more easily

Then benefit from invites to future virtual and physical group meetings to further enhance your own profile and level of knowledge.

A ‘no-brainer’ – join the directory free for first 6 months to fully experience the value, and then pay a small subscription of
£5 per month.